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Making the most of multimedia content

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Time Inc. is about to release an e-reader tablet tailored for its stable of magazines. The impressive video demonstration from Sports Illustrated shows off versatile navigation, color images, and even live video.

As high-tech news readers become more common, there is greater pressure placed on the skills and decisions involved in producing multimedia content. This is where systems and methodology are essential.

First among skills is still the critical thinking needed to spot opportunities, frame content, and quickly decide on the best medium for the content. Along the way some standard practices, systems, and strategies emerge.

For starters, try thinking through potential multimedia content to find the best match between medium, form, and content.

–Time: Consider how quickly the content needs to go up, and what is then the best medium  to present the story or information.

— ROI: The amount of effort and resources required to produce versus amount of time it will be relevant content on the Web or reader. Cost versus shelf life.

— Interactivity: Does the content provide a good opportunity for a medium that involves interaction (i.e. clicking through a slide show; polls or quizzes; Flash presentation). Users are drawn and spend more time with content that offers high-quality interaction.

As time goes on and you experience missteps as well as successes, deconstruct the successes to find the elemental makings of good standards and practices that enable you to repeat success. This is one part of successful change management.


Written by mroberts8

December 11, 2009 at 6:41 pm

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