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Amy Gahan is writing an interesting series of weekly blog posts over at News Leadership 3.0 on how to put the ideas contained in a new report from the Knight Commission on the Information Needs of Communities in Democracy into action.

The report is titled, Informing Communities: Sustaining Democracy in the Digital Age, and is the work of 17 media, policy and community leaders whose purpose “…is to assess the information needs of communities, and recommend measures to help Americans better meet those needs.

In the introduction, they write:

The Knight Commission sees new thinking about news and information as a necessary step to sustaining democracy in the digital age. It thus follows in the footsteps of the 1940s Hutchins Commission and the Kerner and Carnegie Commissions of the 1960s.

But in the digital age the stakes are even higher. Technological, economic and behavioral changes are dramatically altering how Americans communicate. Communications systems no longer run along the lines of local communities, and the gap in access to digital tools and skills is wide and troubling.

The Commission seeks to start a national discussion – leading to real action. Its aims are to maximize the availability and flow of credible local information; to enhance access and capacity to use the new tools of knowledge and exchange; and to encourage people to engage with information and each other within their geographic communities.

Amy’s weekly posts so far:

Community info building blocks: What do you already have?

Teamwork: Collaborating to build a community dashboard

Civic topic pages: Boost local traffic, democracy

Government 2.0: What’s in it for local news?

Making key government documents easier to find, understand

Tips for seeking local news funding from community foundations

Volunteering widget: Basic gateway to civic engagement

Future of Media Project: FCC wants your views by March 8


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December 31, 2009 at 5:24 pm

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